A Walkable Neighborhood

The vision of Bowen is to create beautiful residential and commercial architecture, streetscape and landscaping, all that invite “walkability”. Walkability, according to Wikipedia, is “a measure of how friendly an area is to walking. Walkability has health, environmental, and economic benefits.” At Bowen, The Wrenn Group imagined a sanctuary to enjoy spare time, not to mow lawns, but to simply immerse oneself into the quaint, but vast temptations that abound the neighborhood public realm.

So traverse Bowen’s intricate sidewalk and trail system, called the Waterway Walk, in the morning and take an afternoon or evening stroll. Or take a boat ride commencing at the Bowen Waterfront. There are many other options as well; try a stroll with your pet (or person) to Wrenn Park, Allen Park, or Skipper Plaza and simply be. Don’t forget your frisbee if you can to test your skills or move around a bit!

 The Bowen team is committed to providing all residents with beautiful homes and surroundings. The Wrenn Group, Bowen’s “visionary”, is a locally-owned, family-oriented business, with over 20 years of community creation and oversight. We pride ourselves in our focus on providing communities that will bring years of experiences and memories.

We offer our homeowners a lifestyle experience that is active and comfortable in a vibrant Lowcountry village, with intentional focus on distinct design and aesthetic elementals for both the homes and the surrounding community.

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Bowen is situated with nearly one-half a mile of deep waterfront, part of the Cooper River system, navigable to the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston Harbor, and centrally located in the Charleston region. 

Looking ahead, we are thrilled for what is to come at Bowen and with our customers, who will become neighbors and friends. We are certain that our innovation will be at the forefront of shaping the future of community living, guided by what our homeowners and residents seek and enjoy.

Let us guide you home and introduce you to a way of life.

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Bowen History

The land surrounding Bowen was first inhabited by Etiwan, Seewee, and Wando Indians; nomadic Native Americans who migrated throughout the Lowcountry in search of the next harvest or game hunt.

 Later, rice and indigo served as plantation staples and gave rise to the land gentry, which were bustling communities unto themselves. By 1785, landowner John Bowen (who himself owned 980 acres) was working with the House of Representatives to outline smart growth plans for the area that included designation of roads. According to oral history, a subsequent owner of Bowen’s land bequeathed 100 acres to a small group of freed slaves who named the plot Bowen’s Corner.


In the late 18th century, as plantations prospered in the rural areas of the Lowcountry, prominent Charleston businessmen (sur names included Deas, Smith, and Legare) erected homes on the hinterlands surrounding Bowen, while keeping residences in town.

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Later, proprietors granted land to the St. James Goose Creek Parish and is among the H.A.M Smith collection with the South Carolina Historical Society in Charleston, SC. Small plots of land remained in the hands of families well into the modern era.

In 2004, through an entity called Foster Creek Village, LLC., founder C. Ray Wrenn began purchasing available smaller tracts in the area with the vision of building a walkable village in his home town of Hanahan, SC. In an effort to honor Bowen’s Corner’s long legacy as a refuge by the water’s edge, The Wrenn Group is committed to the preservation of the landscape and the historical nature of the project.