It’s a beautiful day in Bowen!

Story by The Bowen Team / March 29, 2024

Bowen is a picturesque walkable village where people live, work, and play together.

Bowen Village is comprised of single-family homes and cottages, national award-winning multi-family apartment homes, condominiums, and mixed-use residential and commercial spaces. We’re proud of what we’ve created.

By its very design, Bowen fosters neighborhood socializing and engagement through community events, pools, walking trails, swings, park benches, neighborhood restaurants, boat docks, and Bowen Waterside. Community camaraderie inspires us.

We are grateful for every single resident that lives in Bowen, and we intend to continue to provide a variety of residential options for individuals and families that aspire to live in Hanahan.

We enthusiastically recruit restaurants and businesses to Bowen Market to serve our residents, and the entire Hanahan community is welcome. We envision waterfront dining in our future.

The Bowen team is comprised of incredible professionals passionate about our mission. They make our community shine, and our residents feel valued.

There’s a diverse mix of people from all walks of life in Bowen. We celebrate our diversity, wherein lies the beauty and strength of our community.

As a development, we have self-funded onsite and offsite infrastructure, while at the same time paying large sums of money to the city and county for impact fees, other fees, and taxes to fund schools, roads, and other infrastructure. It’s an honor to contribute to progress in Hanahan and Berkeley County.

We are proud of our walkable multi-family, mixed-use waterfront community and wholeheartedly believe in the vision of our founder, Hanahan native C. Ray Wrenn. Ray and his family live in Hanahan, he graduated from Hanahan High, and he truly adores his hometown. He supports local schools and youth athletics. organizations, churches, and nonprofits in the heart of our community. His passion for Hanahan is undeniable.

In 2004, Ray Wrenn risked everything to fund and subsequently develop Bowen on virtually undevelopable abandoned land zoned for mobile homes. After years of due diligence, research, phone calls, and real estate closings with over 100 heirs’ property owners and entities, Ray’s dream to build a multi-family, mixed-use waterfront village on 13 tracts of land totaling over 94 acres on nearly one-half mile of Hanahan waterfront was realized. His clear vision for the land was overwhelmingly supported by the city and Bowen was born.

The Foster Creek, LLC PD is public record and Bowen was definitively approved as a predominantly multi-family community, with only 42 single family residences originally planned and nearly 150 completed or underway. A mixed-use, multi-family village was the original promise of Bowen, and we are delivering on that promise.

We are fully transparent and responsible in all our land development practices and remain unwavering in our commitment to create an exceptional community in Hanahan.

Clearly and without hesitation, we champion this city we all choose to call home.


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